February, 22, 2024
Zardari Alleges Irregularities, Urges Swift Elections

Zardari Alleges Irregularities, Urges Swift Elections

Infostani Sources- Former president and head of People’s Party Parliamentarians, Asif Zardari. Asserted that PTI registered Afghans as voters, emphasizing the need for immediate elections. He suggested dates ranging from today to February 18. Stating that the Election Commission holds the power to set or adjust the election date as per the constitution. Zardari mentioned in a private TV interview that obtaining justice for Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto within the framework of democracy is a challenging endeavor.

Democracy, according to him, demands considerable tolerance, and he recalled Benazir Bhutto’s oath, expressing that democracy is the best revenge. Zardari acknowledged the Chief Justice’s democratic thinking but commented that a politician in jail falls victim to a scheme that took 30 years to develop. Regarding Imran Khan, Zardari alleged a conspiracy to remove him. Claiming that the country would have defaulted if he had not been ousted.

Zardari Critiques PTI, Advocates the Economic Charter and Discusses the Political Landscape

Zardari Alleges Irregularities, Urges Swift Elections

Zardari criticized PTI for allegedly registering the votes of Afghans and creating fake voter lists in KP. He highlighted the influence of external elements on Pakistanis abroad, expressing skepticism about PTI’s popularity. He advocated for a Charter of Economy, asserting that each government must contribute to economic development. Also, he noted that PTI’s hopefuls are predominantly lawyers, defending themselves and contesting elections.

Responding to questions about the possibility of collaborating with PTI. Zardari expressed that he considered it, highlighting Faiz Sahib’s hard work. He pointed out that the People’s Party can produce its own Prime Minister, citing his previous appointment of Shahbaz Sharif. Zardari disclosed limited interactions with Nawaz Sharif and Bilawal’s political acumen. He clarified that Shafiq Mengal did not join the People’s Party, and they plan to field candidates in each Punjab constituency. Aiming to become the largest party in the National Assembly.